I want to share my story with you


13. mai 2001


I am writing to you from Long Island, New York. I would like to express my support for the cause of married priests and the ordination of priestesses. I would also like to share my story with you.

I was raised Catholic & for as long as I can remember I have felt a calling to help others develop their spirituality by being a priest. However, I know I couldn't "go it alone" & that being married is also a calling for me. I have tried several professions as a substitute for my calling to the priesthood (high school teacher, computer consultant, and I'm about to being my last year in medical school & have seriously considered ministry in one of the non-Catholic Christian churches.) I have finally come to the conclusion that for me, nothing can substitue for answering the call to the priesthood.

However, I know myself well enough to realize that without a partner in this life my emotional health would suffer. This leaves me with three equally unpleasant choices:

1. to not answer the call to the priesthood

2. to answer the call to the priesthood, maintain my vows of celibacy & most certainly sacrifice some degree of emotional well-being.

3. to answer the call to the priesthood & break my vows of celibacy in order to maintain my emotional health.

These are all equally undesirable. I do not wish to be an unhealthy role model for Catholics in my parish should I be ordained. If I choose to lead a celibate life that is exactly what I will be. Undoubtedly, sacrificing sexual pleasures for a greater purpose is a powerful tool for spiritual development. I have a great deal of respect for those who make such a sacrifice. However, it is not a sacrifice that most people can make effectively. To force its clergy to make choices that are unhealthy & impossible for most, the Catholic church is maintaining an unattainable ideal and is denying human nature.

Through personal experience and reading I also know that many priests maintain the facade of celibacy but are not in practice celebrate. This is an option I have considered, but it is highly undesirable because it involved a great deal of deceit and hypocracy which in itself is unhealthy and a hinderance to spiritual development.

I thank you for the opportunity to briefly share my story with you. I was wondering if you would be able to direct me to an organization in the US which supports the cause of married priests & priestesses.

Thank you for your help.


in peace,

Chris Hummel


email: chumme02@hotmail.com
address: 68 Birch Hill Rd.
Mount Sinai, NY 11766